Friday, September 27, 2002

not really a re-run if it's been 5 years since I've posted the clip, right?

"Seperately they smoke; together they're the men who put the Fire in Fire Island. In the fuckingest, suckingest, sand and surf sex spectacular of the long hot summer."

director: Jack Deveau

A New York City teacher (Malo) needs to get away from the constant cruising and pick-ups of Manhattan by taking a month at the beach - Fire Island! Starring: Malo, Matt Harper, D.(Paolo) Gorsky, Larry Paige, Hugh Allen, Pepe Brazil, Gary Hunt, and of course, Myles Longue (aka Ed Wiley). Written by Moose 100.

Click one of the pics to view the movie trailer (you know that if you view the clip in the browser, you can "right click" and view it FULL SCREEN, right?), or here if you want to download and save for later.