Monday, September 02, 2002

It was raining lightly as I rode home, swerving around the (other) drunks out on the street as all the bars were locking their doors and pulling down their gates. Water splattering my back as the bike wheels moved me towards home, I took my time, enjoying the cool air, and the sight of folks semi-hurrying thru the rain. I didn't get out until after 1:30, changing from work, hoping the Bronx Zoo baseball cap would be enough to protect me from the rain. The Cock was super-crowded, as expected on a holiday Sunday night. The backroom too overcrowded and too dark. When the lights are almost completely out, folks act stupider and ruder - pushing, stomping, and surprisingly little actual sex going on.

The boys sipping cocktails thru tiny straws as they hold their drinks close to their face, loudly whispering to buddies "I can't believe we're back here, oh my god! what are they doing there!?"; those guys on the other end of the spectrum dropping to their knees even if there isn't room for that, furiously grabbing every crotch that pushes by, figuring eventually one will stay and they can slobber for awhile. One pairing would've been funny if it wasn't so annoying - 2 tall guys, one trying to sound sexy and urging his partner in short, clipped sentences to do "it" - "Good boy, go down" "Yeah, you know you want it" "show off for me, man" - Meanwhile, the other guy was screaching "Why am I back here???!! ohmygod! I am too nervous" and getting whinier and more pitiful "I just don't think I can do that here!! What if someone i know sees me??!" but his partner was persisitent "Relax, take my cock, you'll feel better" "C'mon, you know you want to" "ARRGGHH, what should I do, everyone's pushing" and the whining just wouldn't stop as I slowly moved to another dark dank corner.

Here a decent looking guy had propped himself up, leaning against the wall, standing on one of the couches, pants pulled down below his balls, stroking his fat cock. Several guys, including myself, tried touching, grabbing, but he pushed each away with a rather annoyed shove. Loser. Just past him was someone I recognized, a rather uptight young man who I've met only once - but kneeling down, one cock in his mouth and 2 others waving around his head, with the addition of one of the few lights shining down on him, it was nice to see he can loosen up when called upon to do so. It was incredibly hot and sweaty, my clothes drenched just from standing there, glasses fogging up. Later, near the speakers in the "main room" one guy I've always thought was handsome, who I sucked off many years ago in the backroom at Wonder Bar, walked by. I grinned, he grabbed my crotch as he moved past me, I found my hand on his hard stomach, both of us still slowly moving in opposite directions, eventually only our hands were touching each other, fingers latched for a moment, then he was gone, absorbed by the mob.