Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Sigur Ros

To me it's very emotional music; just on it's own, and because I got turned onto this album last fall. Fantastic for late late nights of sleeplessness; perfect for a sensuous sex-date, which I would sometimes play in a different room for added effect; riding on my bike, with the discman on, I can suddenly start crying with this on, but it's always a good cry, so I never mind. I was actually surprised at how good this performance is, I didn't expect the simple staging and watching the insturments played to add so much to the already great sound. Anyway, enjoy.

Tickets for the U.S. tour have begun to go on-sale - 11/01/02 new york (sale date - 09/28/02 pre-sale 09/26/02

The new album, ( ), will be released Oct 29th.