Wednesday, March 12, 2003

"Thanks for writing to request an account review. I'm sure you're
excited to use eBay again, and we're excited to welcome you back."

Well, I sincerely doubt the folks at eBay are EXCITED about me being back (well, who knows, they may be all giddy - "what'll he screw up this time" chuckle chuckle chuckle..), but I'M BACK, BABY!! - so just a handful of mags and videos are posted as I type this, but more to come over the next week ( and good lord, I hope longer - I gots lots of bills!) - so click the auction link above, and check out my eBay filth, er, adult material.

oh yeah, if you see something really awful in my auctions, why not let me know, and I can change it, instead of being a ratfink and ratting on me, eh? (not that I'm bitter, or angry, or VENGEFUL regarding all the effort, and lost income...)