Thursday, March 13, 2003

You know, boyfriends are often over-rated, and ex-boyfriends are even more frequently under-rated. Take my ex (please) - let's call him PD (he's shy) - such a sweetheart, he knew I couldn't do any eBaying last month, so he got me this handy 1978 Colt Studio A Man's Guide To Gay America. Chock-full of lovely men, alongside listings for every state in the union (plus Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and D.C. - but alas, no Guam). For example, in Mobile, Ala., apparently in 1978 the best "action spot" was the I-10 rest area outside of town near the Mississippi boarder. Who knew? And the Tarheel State apparently is (or at least was) the Tearoom State! Yum!

Meanwhile, back in 2003, I did a bit of running around last night, as I was forced to go first to The Lure to meet up with international blogger Rog (lucky for him he was quite clearly attached to his beau in a harness, otherwise there might have been an international incident involving my tongue) - so, not long after those two lovebirds left, so did I, making a quick ride back to the east side (phew, it's soooooo treacherous going to the West Side), which included a very fast scoping out of The Phoenix (no one I knew, nor anyone I wanted to know), then on to The Cock for some loud music and tripped-out kids shaking their hips to the beats. But of course, a few dollars still in my pants (not to mention a jockstrap aching for attention), I headed over to House of Regrets. Fairly slim pickings at 3 a.m., but some cutie was giving me some serious eye-action, and I accepted his invite into his lil' room. Very fuzzy bod & face, wonderfully flavorful balls, and a passionate kisser, but, to make a long story short, after begging for "that ass" over and over again, he realized he wasn't going to get quite what he wanted, so we "took a break" (for those of you who don't know, that means "put your clothes on, get out, I'm moving on to someone else") - too bad, though, his face really was quite handsome. So, last stop of course was a bag of chips and 2 pints of ice cream at Key Food, and I was home by 4:45.