Tuesday, March 04, 2003


"an absolutely smashing combination of sexual talent"

Director: Dick Martin (1970?)

Starring: Jeff Colt, Sammy Bond, Joey Vox, Rick Nutter, Doug Allen, Vick Duncan

Well, the sheer enthusiasm of the voiceover made me pick this one over Ghost Of A Chance (which may well be shown by the end of the month anyway). I know very little about this film (a dupe of it is in my VCR, but I am afraid I am nodding off as I type this), except that it is generally credited as a Jaguar Film. But, it clearly says it's from Star Films so my guess is that Jaguar bought the rights some time later in the 70's, while Star Films was the actual production company. I'm questioning the release date of 1970, only because most gay porn films from then were simply loops, and many consider Wakefield Poole's Boys In The Sand, released in late 1971, as the beginning of the full-length feature film era in gay porno. But, Tom DeSimone already had several of his films released before then, so the 1970 date may well be accurate.