Friday, March 07, 2003

even MORE on Gordon Grant
Last year around this time I was buying and selling a lot of videos on eBay that I had purchased from a local non-profit. Being a small place, and they weren't in the porno-selling business, they only had one box of this donated stuff out at a time, and I became a frequent visitor. Soon I became known as "that porno guy", as I would spend anywhere from 20-100 bucks a pop, sometimes buying out the whole box of miscellaneous porn (95% videos). (I got quite a few for my personal collection this way) I became friendly with one of the guys who worked there, and when he wasn't too busy working, we'd chat a bit. Once there was a copy of Hot Truckin', and I was so excited I squealed with delight finding it in the box, causing everyone there to titter at me - but it was one of my favorites! Then he told me he's been looking for another film with Gordon Grant called "Dirty Words", something I had never heard of. I promised i would do some research, but I was never able to find anything, not a single mention anywhere of it. He was sure he wasn't mistaken, that it wasn't just a short film, but a feature-length, and had even given me the basic plot: Grant is on vacation with his family, and keeps making frequent stops in rest areas, and has anonymous sex in the Men's Room while the family waits! Gosh, who wouldn't want to see that again! So... today I am sorting thru some recent purchases of 70's porno mags (all for research), and the second to last page of an issue of Mandate magazine has a Falcon ad with Gordon Grant.

"Don't miss our first feature film 'DIRTY WORDS' starring Gordon Grant shown here - soon to be in your local theatre."

Holy Crap! He was right! Now, the hard part - tracking this thing down!