Friday, March 07, 2003

monthly apology
To anyone who's e-mailed or instant messaged in the past month and not gotten a response, I apologize. I know I have a handful of emails i need to answer, and I must admit, i DO delete a lot without reading. - if your email address is odd-sounding, and you have NO subject, or some odd-sounding subject in the header, it gets deleted (which I realize now means I miss stuff - some guy had this as the subject WOW!!!! YOUR WEBSITE IS THE ANSWER TO ALL MY PRAYERS!!! - delete! - turns out he was simply excited about finding some old porn flicks listed) and instant messages? well STUD4U 969 will never get a response, just like messages that simply say "wassup?", but more importantly, sometimes I am online, but am actually sitting several feet away in bed, and I nod off, and by the time I respond, that person has signed off (I remember a "mascstudpup" from several days ago, for example) - so, nothing personal.

Meanwhile, thanks to all who wrote who enjoyed the Gordon Grant clip - although some wanted to see more of him in the clip - I must say it was quite intentional not to show a clip of his body. The COLT films he's in are quite good, lots of lingering shots of his bod - but what I love about this Falcon one is that he's acting quite filthy - in M4M lingo that's "piggy" - just a greedy cocksucker, and it's great to see him being so versatile - the last part of the film does show him as more of a "top" - his butt is eaten out, his cock is slurped and licked, and of course, he pounds away at the young blond, and his hips look quite wonderful during that deed!