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Friday, March 28, 2003
The sound of helicopters has forced me out of bed. While I've noticed that sound more often in the past week, this morning is was a constant buzz that got me up, and pulling the blinds open to look. Two helicopters over the East River, stationary, hovering. I flip thru some news channels, and on a traffic report on NY1 they report that the Williamsburg Bridge is closed, all traffic, vehicular and pedestrian, has been suspended. Apparently some workers on the bridge saw 3 suspicious men with packages. Meanwhile, while I am at the window looking out, I see that no one is in the nest! Doesn't look like a good sign, as I think the chick is supposed to be nest-bound for 12-14 days, and by my estimates, it was only 7-10 days old. The Mom has just returned to the nest, but they flew off again. The buzzing of the helicopters continues....

update: turns out 3 men drank too much last night, thought it would be funny to climb the tower of the Williamsburg Bridge. oh shit, these guys are really gonna pay!