Saturday, March 22, 2003

A much needed evening out, Radio City, perfect seats - fantastic view of stage, miraculously unblocked by the big heads in front of me (2 couples, but each leaning away from my line of vision); the sound qualty was fantastic; the performance, well, maybe even a broken music box could've brought me to tears these days, but I think the wet eyes were genuine. The string quartet that played with them, 4 women - Amina - was an amazing touch, and at times I thought I was somewhere other than earth - somewhere beautiful and peaceful and still vibrant yet aching, if that makes any sense. And thanks to the man who purchased thier album for me a few months back; everyone should have this album!

Meanwhile, I closed off the window with a padded envelope, and could hear the non-eventful shift change this morning with the doves. I need to run to work, but to all who have written regarding the mourning doves, well, i hope to upload a one-minute video tonight, just so you can see why it's occupied my thoughts so thoroughly these past few days.