Thursday, March 13, 2003

So, I'm sure I mentioned I got a bunch of auctions going now, right? Several magazines that a very nice donor sent - including this ALL MAN magazine - those of you who aren't eBay members can still get a quick peek at one of the models - but before you go looking, and saying "Hey, BJ, I didn't think you were into all the muscley stuff" - well, ahem, that's kinda true, but if you look carefully at the pic of Matt Drake, you'll see what an incredibly delicious set of balls the man has. Unfortunately, if memory serves me, despite having done 3 videos (thanks Gay Erotic Video Index I could only remember two, but you list all 3!), there is no actual video footage of anyone actually licking them! He does solos in all three videos; but he does have that adorable "oh man, I wanna cum; you want me to cum?" look on his face, so.... solo will have to do for now.