Thursday, March 06, 2003


Director: Bill Clayton? (1977?)

Starring: Gordon Grant + 3 others

I was hoping to have a filmography page ready on Mr. Grant, but got I called in to work - so gotta run. Briefly, The Crotchwatcher features Gordon Grant as a businessman who jerks off while getting ready to go to work; then he heads to the office bathroom, where he whacks off again in the stall, while another guy is doing the same in the next stall; (the next part is what's featured above, where he signals to the guy - take note, Chris - ) then he blows the guy (note the expert tongue-swirling-on-hairy balls Grant gives the guy while he's cumming); when they finish, and he's cleaning up, he spots another guy at the urinal, and does him; and finally, he picks up a 3rd guy on the street, and takes him home for some bedsex (Grant sitting on the guy's face, his perfect stomach hard and glistening, gets me everytime!) - All that in a 22-minute film!