Friday, March 21, 2003

after 2 pm, she's still here. She keeps flying up into the ceiling, and I thought I noticed something wrong on her head. A pal just called and said i had to get the top part of the window open, the bird will never figure out how to get out otherwise. Trouble is, I have one of those child-safety things, and some weird bolt blocking the top half from coming down more than 6 inches (with the wierd screw, that screws in, but can't screw out). I stuggled for 15 minutes to get this bolt and L-shaped thing out of the window frame, and somehow my weak little self got it out; I removed the blinds, and now there's a good 18 inch opening. She's definately injured herself, there are blood spots on the ceiling. She seems ok, but fairly agitated. I will try once more to coax her towards the window, but each time she flies up into the ceiling, it freaks me out (and her, of course) and I worry about her getting more hurt.

update: Success! It took a bit of gentle coaxing, but at least she didn't fly up into the ceiling; she eventually got the idea to fly towards the light and air, and perched on the window for a minute before flying away. Meanwhile, Dad was feeding the chick, and by 4pm, she had come back for her shift. phewwwww! I'm still worried about her head, but she seems quite functional so far.