Sunday, March 30, 2003

I reek of last night - which only ended about 4 hours ago. Tabboo! and Sweetie were fun; was great to hang out with 2 pals I hadn't seen in awhile; and ran into Chris and Jonno (too hungover and busy wiping up spilt coffee to do linkage) there. Sometime after last call, the bike ride home happened to take me right to House of Regrets (honestly, it was on the route home). Somehow, despite my nerdy bent/broke/askew glasses I managed to attract someone's attention and get lured into his teeny room. He was less drunk than I, but equally passionate, and I actually tried something I hadn't ever tried before (sorry, no details - wouldn't want you to get the wrong impression - either that I would do such a thing, or worse, that it took me 42 years to get around to doing it!) I must take a serious shower now, down some aspirin, and hope I can hold up at work while people wake up around the neighborhood and search out brunch.