Tuesday, March 25, 2003

"The time for symbolic acts has ended. The war is on and we must take our resistance to another level.

Get your affinity groups together and plan for autonomous direct actions against the war in the streets of NYC at 7 am on Thursday, March 27th. We will be on the streets all day!

Disrupting the city is as simple as 1-2-3:

1) Pick your target -- any busy street or intersection will do.

2) Your affinity group takes the intersection until the cops come and then runs away to a new street or intersection.

3) Rinse. Repeat."

OK, while I would like to scream and yell and carry on, I have to say I've never been into the "let's fuck up the system" bit. But at least through the sadness I felt while PBS is blabbering about something or other, and I'm surfing thru anti-war sites on the net, the "rinse, repeat" comment on the NO BUSINESS AS USUAL site gave me a wicked smile...... if only I had the energy to get up at that hour... if only it weren't up in Midtown.... if only I weren't a lazy bastard.....