Friday, March 14, 2003

Century Mining

Of course there are many great porno film directors that are not on my Favorite Gay Porn Directors page who should be - like Al Parker, fer instance. He learned well as an actor, especially working closely with Steve Scott, and then as a director in his own right (again with some help from Scott). One of the main reasons I love Parker's work is his obvious love of the slo-mo cum shot. In this brief clip from Century Mining (a story of hot hung construction guys trapped in a mine, with nothing left to do now but fuck like rabbits - actually, I think the fucking starts before the mining disaster, but you get the idea) you get sultry (stubbly face = sultry) Pierce Daniels trapped in the mine, thinking of the sex he didn't have that morning with his lover Eric Ryan because Pierce was running late for work. They've just slurped on each other's rock hard rods for awhile, then Ryan fucks Daniels, and you'll just see the simultaneous cum shot here, slowed down, replayed, 2 different angles, intercut with Pirece's own solo whack off cumming. MMMMM - mmmm!

For you porn trivia lovers, the sets were designed by COLT model Mike Davis (Parker's co-star in Timber Wolves, of course) and if you look closely at the last few seconds, you'll see Steve Taylor, Parker's lover (they have an extremely hot scene together in Wanted) walk into the shot to talk to the foreman. Parker also loved doing non-sex cameos in his films, much like another favorite director of mine ( albeit non-porn), Hitchcock.