Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Gordon Grant
Ahhhh, Gordon Grant. He has this odd appeal for me - his bad haircut is somewhat annoying, and yet, obviously the perfect torso, thick meat, and slim hips are just too much to ignore. But more so when you see him in his films - in action he's just wonderful! Known more for his modeling work for Colt Studios and Roy Dean, I think he only appeared in one full-length feature, Hot Truckin' (directed by Lancer Brooks, aka Tom DeSimone, who you may remember from such films as Confessions of a Male Groupie, The Idol, and Nightcrawlers ), co-starring a beautifully bearded Nick Rodgers. But I must say, a fantastic short film he did for Falcon, The Crotch Watcher, may well be his best work. A 20-minute long film, found on FalconPac #5, and he cums like 4 or 5 times! Maybe I can try to get a clip of that up later.