Monday, March 03, 2003

A follow-up to my PAUL BARRESI, SUPERSTAR post a few days back - a reliable source emailed me with this:

"I've seen it. It's mostly spanking scenes. Most of them were just weird -- guess that's just not my thing -- and in one of them, he forces a guy to dress up like a woman and then "fucks" him. Scare quotes, because Barresi was obviously not hard and they were really obviously faking it. The vid was BAD -- and rather sad. But the box definitely pulled me in, which it will do with all kinds of guys."

So I guess we have to just "settle" for his solo scenes he does in a handful of gay films; and then there's the dildo-ing of his "son" Chris Burns in Men of the Midway. And here's an interesting read - Paul Barresi: Profiled - check it out.