Saturday, August 24, 2002


There are at least three of us who regularly chew (gnaw) on your life, and who are curious about this gainful albeit menial employment you have secured. Please provide intricate details without hesitation, and certainly before Tuesday, your Day Off. And, so that you will know your audience, we will disclose that we are quite well off, never need to spend our own funds on pot, and have possibly rubbed shoulders, and maybe more, with you.

Dear sir(s),

Um, am i allowed to fullfill this request for info in a more public manner - i.e. "the blog?" I wanted to feel a tad more secure in the job before going into it much, and also didn't want to give specifics, as there are local readers, so.... you know, who wants gawkers when you're trying to impress a boss.

So, my deadline is Monday midnight.?? hmmm, exhausted again today, working Sunday and Monday as it is, and interviewing roommates, might be tight................ (the deadline, not the roommates - well, as far as I know, but I digress..)

oh, and your clues/hints about yourself(ves) - i am so thick headed, I have no idea what you are talking about, which is fine. (although free pot certainly sounds intriguing)