Wednesday, August 21, 2002

The Idol

Director: Tom DeSimone (1979)
Kevin Redding stars as a college track star who, while his girlfriend won't put out, slowly begins to realize he's gay. Might sound cliche' to some, but it's really a great story, good acting, and still very hot - the scene with the coach (Nick Rodgers) is very erotic. The shower scene with Derrick Stanton, another stand-out scene. The love-making between Redding and his first boyfriend, just fantastic. Can't be overstated how well this film combines good story-telling, erotic camera work, and good ol' fashioned hot sex!

Starring: Kevin Redding, Nick Rodgers, Derrick Stanton, Greg Dale, Mike Bitler, Darla Lee Barnett, Jerry Foxe, and Jim Battaglia