Tuesday, August 27, 2002


Let's see if I can do this quickly, a bit of background as the video loads. Way way back at the beginning of this century, I was growing tired of my job (disgusted with my bosses, to be somewhat more exact). I started to sell off part of my dinnerware and pottery collection on eBay as a way of stuffing my savings account so I could quit my job and spend a few months screwing around, thinking about life, my life, and "what's next". I discovered the underwear selling phenomenon, and thought, "shit, I could do better" - obviously not that I would have a better body than most of the guys, but that I could maybe take some more interesting photographs, and yes, the hairyguy thing seemed to be rare on eBay (as elsewhere). After I seemed to get some good responses, not lots of money, but some extra cash and some folks who seemed to like my style, I tried variations, like the beard-selling I've mentioned, a bar of soap (something original titled "DON'T DROP THE SOAP"), a pillow case, lots more underwear, and even a small photo album perfect for bedside or glove-compartment. And I started to get requests for a video. Which I would never ever ever do, no way. But I always say no as a gut reaction to anything new; but I started thinking, hmmmmmm, might be fun, and I might learn some stuff.

First video cleverly titled BJ'S FIRST VIDEO actually sold about 15-20 copies on eBay in the summer of 2000. But I wasn't too happy with it, a simple jerk-off in a chair, some showering, and the rather awkward attempt to conceal my face just wasn't very good, in my mind. So I immediately started on my second, BJ DOES IT AGAIN. Which, in all modesty, 2 years later, I still think is pretty good. A rather vague and laughable "plot" implying some sort of voyeur poking around my fire escape, watching me in the shower, in bed, etc., finally breaking in, stealing my vintage porn collection, holding it ransom until I do a "hot personal video" for him. Of course, there's a few Bjork tunes, and some VCR background with some classic Joe Gage footage, and I thought it was kinda neat. Obviously, for the buyer, you'd have to want to see me whacking several times (6, 7?) over the course of 90 minutes, and hope the other stuff (filler) wasn't too boring (but i will tell you the last 15 minutes is fun, and hot - hehe - there, I said it!). I managed to sell well over 50 copies (yes I have a notebook somewhere with the exact count), and the guys who wrote gave varying levels of praise (the others, silent for various reasons - certainly some didn't care for it). While I was working on that, a few guys asked for watersports, or just watching me pee, which wasn't my thing, but I was intrigued by the idea (how the hell do I make a solo pee look interesting??) And I put a 2-minute teaser in Does It Again. Fall of 2000, as eBay was preparing to really crack down on the adult section (less pics, no underwear, no amatuer videos) I quickly put together my 3rd (and final?) video, BJ GETS WET. It was more than peeing, but some shower stuff, bathtub, and I think it was rather amusing ( like I actually pissed on a tiny TV playing a clip of the shower scene from Does It Again, for example).

I'm sure you are already asleep, but the vid clip has probably loaded. For those of you still reading, or reading this 2 days after posted and the clip is already gone, let me continue. I've got a ton of footage for what was supposed to be my fourth video, UNDERWEAR STORIES, which wasn't much more than the same whacking off, but in various kinds of underwear. But somehow, with all the footage, it just never jelled for me, never seemed to come together as anything cohesive. Probably seems stupid to outsiders, or to the handful still interested in seeing me on tape thumping on my wanger, but, in all honesty, the primary reason for doing any of it was for my own satisfaction - not merely the "high" of having strange men buy, and enjoy, and whack off along (which is, frankly, quite a high!), but it had to interest me, dare I say it, "artistically."

So, that's the really really long way of saying that this clip is part of what was supposed to be the fourth tape in the BJ series. I wanted to see if I could capture on camera me cutting my hair, in the time it took to play one single song, and without any ability to edit, it had to be one take. I set up some mirrors (visitors to BJLAND have often wondered why I've got so many mirrors around, it's all for ART, goddamnit!), the camera, a video monitor, the clippers, the stereo, did a couple quick checks for lighting, etc, and TA DA!! - BJ'S HAIRCUT.

p.s. - really, the clip is silly, rather boring, and you mostly just see my hairy back, and maybe a quick bit of frontal nudity, so lower those expectations..........