Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Who are you wearing?

It's been a very good 24 hours. A man who I shamelessly flirted with the Sunday night online (I get that way once I know we ain't hooking up) popped up online Monday afternoon, and we arrranged for him to come over. Someone reading my blog was interested in checking out the "spare room" and we arranged for him to come over. As I predicted, one was later than he said, one was earlier than we planned, and no doubt they cruised each other on the street as one was coming in and the other leaving. But it gave me some focus to my afternoon, making the apartmant look reasonably good (which I think I accomplished, not that it's not already a mess again). The potential roommate didnt give me much hint as to his interest level, but I could tell if he decided yes, it could be fun (as long as he doesn't drag more men in here than me, and I get envious!). The date got here and was immediately affectionate, and as I had already told him I was about to rent out the bedroom, we decided we ought to get some use out of it while it's still mine. Good kisser, nice, lightly fragrant hairy balls, yadda yadda yadda, then we snuggled and talked a bit. He was going off about some silly nonsense, some guy wearing a Versaci shirt to the movies, and how inappropriate it was for a Saturday afternoon; when I couldn't stop laughing, he asked why - and I had to admit I wouldn't have a clue, and it made me laugh that he described the guy in terms of each article of clothing and who had designed each (ok, so I can tell the difference between Gap and Bananna Republic, but that's cuz 80% of my clothing is from there). He looked at me with that "oh you lower east siders pretend not to know or care, but you do, I know you do" look, and we giggled and rolled around some more about our incompatibility (he the Chelsea Girl). He had to meet up with friends, but took a shower, which made me laugh later when I realize the mop and bucket from the frantic clean-up were still in the tub. Six or seven kisses from him as he said goodbye, some lingering outside the door as various neighbors suddenly were walking dogs and chasing cats (and me, shirtless, some drops of sweaty cum not-too apparent on my chest and stomach standing in the doorway) - and I noticed his tattoo, back of calf, that I hadn't seen previously (yes his legs had been in the air, but the sun was setting and I was more focused on taste and aroma, ok?).

After he left, I finally got to the package that came in the mail, a sweet man donated several wrestling tapes, and to my surprise and pleasure, two jockstraps plus an a-shirt that I quickly pulled on and wound up sleeping in (and am still wearing, see pic above). The "free stuff" page seemed to get some attention during the day and evening - funny (but not surprisingly) most of the porno has been snatched up - but check it out, a few things left. At the post office, all the cute men (all 4 of us) bought the new Andy Warhol stamps - one guy even added a stamp to a package that was already full of the right amount of postage, just cuz it added the right touch to the poorly wrapped package. The other two heard us talking about it, and when it was their turn in line, added Andy to their purchase. I am meeting an online pal in the morning for more donated porn and coffee, and Friday morning I actually have a paying gig and get to call a cute pal "boss" - which has totally got me turned on (if yer reading this, don't worry, I need the dough and wouldn't think of jeapordizing that - you know i'm all (well, 90%) talk, anyway). And am even working on posting a cool porno clip for later, so those of you who hate all this goddamn reading, don't despair.