Tuesday, August 27, 2002

I think this is what's called a "teaser". I am trying to convert a HI-8 video clip to AVI then to WMV, and it's just some silly shit; I think it's my first time giving myself a haircut. So, between working on that, negotiating for sex later with an out-of-towner (and that's just getting too complicated, he has meetings, drinks with clients, ugh), and trying to meet up with a buddy to exchange some porno tapes I promised him maybe 2 long months ago, it's looking like a busy day off.

But, when I think back that only one week ago, I needed a job and a roommate, and now I have both, things are going pretty well for me. Both situations don't quite add up to fill in the money gap, but it's certainly a lot better than where I was at, so let me hit the showers, and get that video clip up sometime later this afternoon. (Well, you know me, this afternoon, this evening, 3 am., something like that)