Friday, August 16, 2002

Your use of that picture belies your true state of mind.

How old is this picture, anyway? Guess the underwear I was selling with this pic at the time, and get a prize. This was just a few weeks before the beard got sold. I should dig out that picture - fuzzy fuzzy shaggy beard, man. Can't do shit like that on eBay anymore. Damn, got another auction cancelled today; I hadn't noticed that the pic of the videobox (which I don't have, it was just for illustration purposes) had the "profane" title Cumming Your Way - which isn't even the title of the video - that's the new title of the classic NOVA film - Little Brother's Coming Out - which was changed in the late 80's because of the implication of incest, or kiddie porn, or something stupid. So this very clever title Cumming got me in trouble. Damnit, sex is such a beautiful, wonderful thing, I don't get these hang-ups. I wish the whole fuckin' world would grow up already (well, except for the children - WON"T SOMEONE PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!)

Anyway, I watched part of a fantastic video - a film that was released in 1973, but is actually several shorts - The Erotic Films of Peter de Rome, specifically, Daydreams from a Crosstown Bus, which de Rome made in 1972. Simple, beautiful film. A guy on a bus spots a handsome man leaning against a tree, and imagines meeting, making love, walking around town, hanging out naked, more love-making, etc. Just so wonderfully made, so, well, erotic. The kind of film that makes you want to do something so beautiful and touching; the use of light, the music, the editing, the men are so clearly turned on to each other - you see it in their eyes - and some cool, yet subtle camera angles, framing, etc. Made me rather sad, actually. The man daydreams all this, finally snaps out of the dream, smiles at the guy against the tree, who smiles back. But the bus pulls away, and by the time he gets off at the next stop, runs back, he can't find the man. The power of desire, of imagination - just a handsome face on the street, and you imagine moving in together, late afternoon love-making, driving around town in a car with his arm around you. And the film is only about 15 minutes, very basic, but you've experienced this same scene yourself so many times, you get wrapped up in it, you want it to become reality, just like the daydreamer on the bus.