Friday, August 09, 2002

ok. let's see if I can make this interesting to anyone who wasn't there, or isn't a blogger and doesn't care what happens when a bunch of them are in a room, many of them drinking. Some guy named Philo who has a big ass blog/website with his buddy Choire was visiting him here in NYC and wanted all the locals who they link to, and/or are linked by, to come by an airplane-looking bar to meet and hang out. Seems simple and straight forward. But I ain't too good with strangers, and certainly not big groups of them, but I had nothing to do last night, and thought it would be very foolish of me not to just get overmyself and go like 6 blocks from my apartment and say a friendly "hey" and get it over with. Of course, as close as this bar was, I rode by it 3 times before actually seeing it, then locked my bike, made sure I had enough money in my pocket to drink beer in case I had nothing to say or no one to say it to.

Mr Philo was right near the front, and somehow knew who I was, and gave me a great big genuinely warm hello, along with a beautiful woman who was ordering fancy coloured drinks. Soon I saw Andy, who I already know, and actually ran into earlier in the day, and Scott, Andy's pal, and so that was a great warm-up. Then a few locals who I've read, or emailed, or left stupid comments on their comments page, and then someone took a pic, and somehow my skirt, er, shirt, got lifted upwards. Oh and I think I scared a str8 man who's birthday it was, as he was taking pics with his website signage, and I can't remember if he asked me, or if I just grabbed the sign from him posing with my pants pulled downwards, exposing my boxers. (Or did I refuse to give the sign back until he took a pic, nevermind, it was fun). Er, but while I was waiting for him to focus, he said something about us "all going to hell for this" and someone told me later you could see my pubes. Sheesh! Just a few curly hairs poppin' out, that's gonna be some crowded hell if that's all it takes. Oh and a few hours later, I watched 2 guys with boyfriends kiss the longest kiss goodbye, while I'm getting these shakes from needing the next beer (Naw, each has an "understanding" with the partner, and I'm like - what's the point of cheating if you don't get the guilt-thrill along with it? These kids today...)

Oh, and I got brave and forced myself on a few people, cuz I figured maybe they were also shy goofs like me who needed the push of a "hello, I loved it when I read XXXXX on yer webpage" and it worked. And I look like someone's ugly brother, apparently. And someone offered me free porn. Or begged me not to do porn. And lesbians were talking about how gaymaleporn is so much better than lesbian porn, but a couple gayboys were talking about how str8porn is better than gayporn. Several really nice people to talk to, several really handsome people (okay, they were men, sorry I just. can't. do. that. )(why were 2 of the 3 I wanted the most st8boys - ewww, that's so unlike me, but maybe it was the facial hair; or maybe they think they are str8, but just need a little encouragment, wink wink, say no more. And the other was "partnered" (with no discernable "understanding")), and I was surprised I was one of the last people there, but the regular crowd of ACDC-loving st8 folks were sorta takin over the bar by then, so I left.

So, I'd have to say, if I added up the number of people there who I had previously had sex with who I still talk to, divide that by the number of people there I want to have sex with sometime in the near future, multiplied by the number of people who I tried following into the bathroom who didn't push me away in a rude manner - hmm, I'd have to give the party a 9. Or 8. Or 9. I like both numbers, so it's still good, I just can't remember if I carried over the 4 after dividing that last part....