Sunday, August 18, 2002

Naked In The Fall

Seemingly random thoughts on a hot Sunday afternoon, in no particular order:

  • updated, tweeked, fixed, (whatever) my Tom DeSimone "Great Gay Film Makers" page.
  • Was treated to a fantastic sushi dinner by a great friend (understatement about the friend) last night; he spoke of his trip to P-Town (is that a Titan Video?) this past week, looking good in his one-week old beard (which, alas, he will no doubt shave off tonight before going to work in the morning - rats!), and I confessed my troubles, he re-assured, promised help and suggestions, didn't judge
  • I tried staying home last night, but got so horny and couldn't sleep - only after all the bars closed down did I get close (without success). Two men were hanging on a corner as I rode by on my bike, one non-chalantly lifted his shirt, I smiled widely, he waved me over. Talking to them, I knew I wanted to watch them, too late to get much excitement out of my own crotch. But, the more desireable one explained that he was too tired, and tried to push his friend on me. A few moments of friendly petting, a couple of kisses, explanations of which part of town and which country the bald guy was visiting from, and my hand deep inside the tall one's pants, we said goodnite.
  • Cleaning up the apartment for real began last night, and will continue today and tomorrow as I prepare to begin the roommate search. Have a bunch of DUPED gayporntapes that I want to get rid of, so not the best quality, but anyone who wants one or two or three, and pays for shipping, gets them. I may make a separate post, along with some book titles that I don't want to throw away, but too much trouble to donate or sell. Feel free to write with questions. I will not be making tapes, obviously, but I might have something I am about to throw away that you might want.
  • Found out I had completely angered a friend, and that's why he hasn't returned my calls in 2 weeks. Stupid non-argument, but once I realized why he was mad, I thought, "oh god, I really was awful - why do I do that shit?" He assured me he wasn't planning to hate me forever, so only time will tell.
  • Another friend called when he knew I was down, and we chatted, and gabbed, and laughed, and both felt much better as we said goodbye.
  • Several really funny emails from pals, and "readers" (um, is there a word for the folks you don't know, know nothing about, but they read your blog, and have seen your naughty bits?)
  • After dinner last night, got an email from a couple that I've been playing e-mail tag with. Some weeks ago, discussions about a possible 3-way began. They're awfully busy, but awfully handsome, as well. Last night's email was very different in tone, as the others were more relaxed, let's grab a beer sometime type. This was "meet us at the Phoneix, you ready to top?" Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Lots of problems with that. Full stomach of sushi, these guys are totally hot and my usual performance anxiety will kick in triple time, and AHEM!!! TOP????? gee, I er, um, - anyway, I called the number, no answer, it was hours after they sent the brief message, so no go. Today's correspondence was more like the earlier ones - "will be out of town, lover works late" etc - and then, "gone for Labour Day, let's get naked in the fall."