Thursday, August 22, 2002

My body seems to be rebelling about my upcoming "lifestyle changes." I am completely unable for the past 3 nights to sleep more than 20-30 minutes in a row anytime before 5 a.m. Last night I even had someone come over at 4:45 just because I knew I'd be up anyway, and figured maybe the few minutes of sweat and spurting could relax me enough to sleep. Well, it worked. But, alas, as handsome as his body was, he barely made eyecontact, and after all the "ooh, what a hot picture, send another" that came from him over the past 2 nights online, he did not use his mouth anywhere on my body! So obviously that ego-trip deflated quickly (am i mixing metaphors again? are those even metaphors?)I have to be somewhere Friday (egad, tomorrow!) at 10:30 ready to listen and take instructions and be a semi-productive member of society (for one day, anyway), and I can barely get out of bed by noon lately. Maybe if I finish the big household clean-up this afternoon, I can pull the bed in here and have a sleepless night near the p.c. and phone and hope that will get me up in time. I've made 2 roommate appointments for Saturday evening, but after the initial flurry of emails, they've trickled to practically nothing. I need to re-look at them and see who I may have forgotten to get back to. I may well be working outside the home soon anyway, which will be good for both me and any potential roommate. Cross your fingers that I can actually hold on to the low-paying menial job.