Thursday, August 15, 2002

Gay Erotica From The Past 8

The other day I think I mentioned watching a video called Gay Erotica From the Past 8 , which is a part of a series of videos showing gay movie clips from the 50's, 60's, and 70's. This particular video uses a lot of scenes from some film that uses Lou Reed's Transformer as the soundtrack. It's rather typical early 70's shaggy hair sex, but near the end of this clip, you'll see a silly little non-sex bit that I thought was too funny not to post!

Meanwhile, my bad news yesterday morning was that eBay had cancelled just about every auction I had running, due to a misinterpretation of a simple phrase I have been using in practically all my auctions for over a year now -
"I've been informed by eBay not to give graphic descriptions, or link to sites that give descriptions, so my apologies about being vague."
Seems innocuous enough, eh? They interpret this as me selling something I ought not, like hardcore, or gosh-knows what. I won't go into the long history of the ever-changing standards at eBay's adult section. I simply added that phrase when eBay stopped allowing sellers to be explicit with descriptions - i.e. Jon King spooges all over Michael Christopher then bends over for a good pounding.... you get the idea. Now I simply say - Jon King finishes up and gives Michael Christopher a chance to have some fun. So, gotta get real busy and clean-up all 15-20 auctions that were cancelled, then work on the ones that are backlogged.

And yesterday's mail surprise was the Simpsons 2nd Season DVD from a fantastic pal in the midwest (slurp!). I had my usual restless night in bed, followed by a few solid hours of sleep once the sun came up and I slept too late. And there are a few of you who have sent me nice long emails in the past week, and I promise to get to them real soon.