Wednesday, August 07, 2002

don't they still have the death penalty in Texas?

I was so close to registering at BLOGTREE, but I'm probably one of the few who actually read the "terms and conditions of use" - yikes! "The Terms and Conditions of Use shall be governed by the laws of the State of Texas " - yeah right. Although one good thing, if either of my alleged children try to get child support, I'm sure I have nothing to worry about.

Anyway, I'm really kinda pissed about last night. I mean, the sex part lasted all of 10 minutes, then he wanted to cuddle - for the rest of the night! Sheesh, the guy didn't leave til 8 this morning, and yet, again, I didn't get my turn, he finished up so fast - what's with these young guys, anyway? So, the kicker is that I have a huge hangover - no booze, no drugs, I didn't even work up a sweat, let alone cum, last night; and here I am at noon and my head is pounding like I was carousing all night...... grrrrrrrrrr.......