Tuesday, August 06, 2002

midnight - I am flirting with a guy on-line, but his questioning about how "ripe" I am is just a bit too much, and I sign off.
1 a.m. - I am kneeling, slurping on a superdeluxeuncut man, who after gently barking a few choice orders, turns into an affectionate man; we exchange phone numbers
2 a.m. - I continue roaming around the House of Regrets, as my partner "finished up" before I had a chance to do same. Later, riding the bike around the neighborhood, I am listening to stolen shared mp3's I got from the internet.
3 a.m. The manboy scrunchy eye-browed guy from Imperial Teen is making out with some guy as the rest of the crowd is humping and grooving and singing along to that "neck, back, p---y, crack" song.
4 a.m. The microwave is doing it's work as I turn the television on for the first time in 18 days. PBS has a special on called "Is God A Number?"; I take out my slide rule and decide they are right.
5 a.m. I notice the flashing light of the answering machine; it's from "John", the superdeluxeuncut man, saying he is in the neighborhood, and wanting to know if I want to get together again, tonight. Half-tempted to call and ask him to bring over Ben and Jerry's, I decide to head to bed instead.