Saturday, August 24, 2002

grrrrrrrr. my computer is rebelling, and my "display properties" won't let me re-adjust a mistake i made, and now the screen looks all weird, and I can't see half of what is on the screen for most webpages! Meanwhile, I worked yesterday and completely exhausted myself riding around lower Manhattan, collapsed late afternoon in the 1/2 bed to a much-needed nap. Got up, re-arranged this room to try to squeeze the whole bed in, plus all the porno (good lord there is a lot of friggin' porno here!) The spare room still isn't quite ready, but cleared out enough that it'll have to do for the 3 or 4 interviews I have scheduled for this evening (after my first Saturday of work in 2-1/2 years!) If this post looks all funky, it's cuz I have no way to really see it properly. Can't believe I even made it to the post office earlier today. Can't wait til Tuesday, my first day off.