Friday, August 23, 2002

I am sound asleep, and like any blogaddict, despite having nothing to say, and no ability to make stuff up at this ungodly hour, I still think I must post something. Um, oh, I got a very very cool email from someone who apparently recently discovered this page - and the best part was getting to the end of the email that said some nice things and discover it's someone I've already had the pleasure to meet! Friend of friend sorta thing; but his second email responding to my "thankx for the compliments, you're a friend of my X, nice to hear from you" was his mentioning of Jon King. Now, I can't honestly put together any cohesive thoughts about that thick-dicked, lightly-hairy-butthole dreamboat, but always loved this box cover, and this scene from Fade In. The pic unfortunately doesn't show that he's wearing awesome (almost) go-go style white boots, and has a great sex scene with Gino del Mar, but with this soundtrack stolen right from some classic Hitchcock film! There is one annoying part, and it's the way-too loud sound effect of someone's overly lubed cock getting whacked off, that squish squish squish sound - one of the unfortunately common occurances in much of mid-80's porn.