Wednesday, August 21, 2002

not-too thought out observations after just reading all the roommate response emails

  • where did all those area codes come from? I'm trying to save money by getting a roommate, I ain't calling 315, 415, and where the hell is 347?
  • why is everyone 23?
  • there are a lot of gender-unidentifiable names out there
  • sure are a lot of homeless actors
  • Italian twins want to share an 8 x 10 room? (if they weren't female, I'd consider it!)
  • some gay men forget its a roommate ad, not a personal ad (not that I mind some of the descriptions)

    (I posted GM preferred, so lots of apologies from women and str8men)

  • - my fave: "I'm straight, but I try not to let that get me down. "
  • "I'm not gay, but my Mom is"
  • "I am a female, but all my friends are gay"
  • "I would be a great potential roommate who was perfectly laid back and acceptable of your lifestyle." (but somehow, with my lifestyle, I doubt that)