Sunday, August 25, 2002

After thinking about that word for the past few days, it's not really an accurate description of the new job. Well, in one sense it is, since menial apparently has something to do with domestic servitude; the definition mentions "servile" - but that seems a bit too harsh a description, as I am not slavishly submissive (not at work anyway), I simply take take-out orders for a restaurant. And the "degrading" part of this definition is way off, as the job itself is pretty straight-forward - take an order, take some cash, hand over some food; and the co-workers are fantastic, quite honestly. Very patient, ready to jump in and help at the slighest sigh, and for those first 3 days, always checking that I'm doing okay, and reassuring me that I am doing just fine.

The other new thing is getting ready for a roommate. Had 5 interviews last night. Two I am pretty sure I've narrowed it down to; one I couldn't live with as he is HOT HOT HOT! (hunky, incredible can't-take-your-eyes-off face) and the other two, well, just not a good fit (One just nervously laughed way too much; and the other, well, I just can't be explaining important words like "half-and-half" all day long). I have 3 interviews this afternoon. One I have already dismissed as he is unemployed but way too confidant in his abilities to get work, even if he has to "settle" for temp work. Ugh. I like a little humility with my living arrangements, thank you very much. One of the yet-to-be-seen men is 32, the closest to my age, but that's still 10 years difference. Wish me (and them) luck!