Saturday, April 20, 2002

Beautiful rainy spring day. Did my post office and porno runs already. Today I bought a box of BG Enterprise and BG East Wrestling tapes ( I don't fully know the story of when it was one company, and how/when they broke into 2 separtate companies - both have websites now). That's gonna be a lot of work, but I think some of them are out-of-print tapes, so it should be worth it. I noticed a few cassettes even had 3x5 photos of the wrestlers (man that one guy gets EXCITED when he's wrestling!!). A few weeks back, I got 5 or 6 in one deal, and one of the tapes had an older box, with a BG logo and address printed/stamped on an otherwise plain white box. I thought of keeping the packaging, and just selling the tape without it, but I thought it's better to have the "lucky winner" of the auction get it. My odd ethics on this came back at me - last week I bought some porno, and another cool B G Enterprise white video cassette sleeve came up, but not with a BG tape, but some other unrelated tape. So I feel it's cool to keep that one. I did scan the old one, (oh, there it is). Rent is due in 10 days, so I gotta try to really focus on churning out some auctions this weekend . Soooooo, if any big-dicked guys with hairy balls wanna stop by and give me a few minutes break, it's much appreciated.