Monday, April 15, 2002

My name is BJ, and I'm a pornaholic
no really. it's starting to scare me. I'm having an up and down wild mood-swing kinda week, and this morning I got my lazy ass out of the apartment early to ship some stuff (8 boxes of porn-related items), and I knew it would be a long line, so I got the walkdiscthing with me. Ever find yerself in public, listening to a great disc, thinking about yer life and where you are with it, and then Joan Armatrading's Love and Affection comes on, and you really can't fight back the tears? And you quietly keep your place, hoping the tears don't seep down below the eyeglass line? oh right, me neither.

Anyway, eventually I got to the front of the line, had my usual chitchat with the postal clerk, then came home, plugged in some porn in order to make sure the tapes work before listing on eBay, then knew I had to get out and enjoy some of the beautiful weather. Got a fantastic fresh lemonade over on Ave A, sat in the park, and then, 6 p.m. rolls around and I ride my bike over for my bi-, sometimes tri-weekly porn-run. The clerk is so nice, lets me look through a box of unmarked stuff, knowing I know their pricing structure, and will honestly give him a total based on it. So, I find a corner to look thru the stuff, open the single box he handed me (he apologizes that there's no big color-boxes, like Falcon types) and as I open it, my heart stops, then speeds up - BOY-NAPPED! in the original 1983 small video box from Quality X, which handled the videos for HAND IN HAND FILMS, which was founded by Jack Deveau in 1972. This is the film where Dennis Parker, who you may remember form his stint on The Edge of Night, or his disco album with New York By Night, is kidnapped and "brutalized" by Jamie Wingo - anyway, it's hard to find, and nearly impossible to find in the un-censored version. Sweat appears on my forehead, my hands shake, and I find 3 other Quality X HAND IN HAND FILMS videotapes, plus 2 Joe Gage tapes in the original mid 80's TMX boxes!! Yeah YEAH YEAH!!

it's scarey! I race home to check the tapes, and I can't go thru them all right now, but the end of BOY-NAPPED! has a fist-f**king scene, and it's intact! I 'm not excited by the scene per se, its just great to get the film the way the director intended (and its not a pleasant scene, the guy is harsh... but I don't want to give away the ending...) And the Gage tapes? Well, I have both of them already, in fact 2 copies of each before this recent addition, but.... old boxes, full-version, blah blah blah. And yes, i am ELATED! I am sooo happy, like someone gave me a hit of X (not that I'd know what that was like) ~~~~~~~~~ totally content, and completely unconcerned with all the current issues in my life.... where's that remote?