Sunday, April 28, 2002

yesterday was a decent day. Mailed a bunch of stuff out, bought some more porn (actually, 2 or 3 "keepers" - One I hadn't realized was old, either 1981 or 1973, from Jaguar Films, the other, American Cream I can't believe I got an older, early 80's copy, - the film itslef is from the early 70's - but I haven't had a chance to check it's quality yet) - did mostly nothing but some light cleaning up, readying porn auctions, and late ight tv and binge-eating.

Rained most of the night, which occasionally woke me long enough for me to locate a brownie, microwave it, eat it, then fall back asleep. Got out of bed and made coffee at 7 a.m., and by noon I had already taken 2 more naps. Today is low-key day. Need to focus on finances - I may actually be able to pull off paying my bills this month from my eBay porn sales - I've been working my ass off on it, and for the time being anyway, it seems to be paying off. Want to catch up on some non-business emails, although I have managed to dlete practically EVERY one of thos stupid virus emails that are going around - the ones that say IE 6.0 patch or Worm Klex.E Immunity - stupid shit like that. Ooh, and I've been in the bestest mood for a few days now - yesterday I spent a few hours downloading, listening to, and singing Donovan songs - gosh what a great voice - a pal of mine insisted Sunny Goodge Street is one of his best, and he's right - I find myself humming it constantly, while out riding my bike, in the shower........ another great one, more upbeat, is Hey Gyp (Dig the Slowness).