Tuesday, April 09, 2002

So, this morning, while readying more porn autions, I was reviewing Private Pool Party (1986, Adam & Co.), which has Max Montoya as one of the big, uncut stars. Not normally a "thing" for me (neither dislike, nor crave, foreskin) but I must say, this one guy's piercing, and his partner's playing around, pulling on this huge ring going thru his foreskin, leading the guy around the apartment by it, it was just fascinating (I think he had a taint ring, too!) So I rewound the tape, to start from the beginning, and the intro was so cool! An original song by The Checker Brothers, with these neat cartoons by some guy named ACE MOORCOCK (no doubt his real name). Very little on the web about this guy, except a mention on a FRESHMEN mag page, which seemed odd - hmmm, maybe Mr. Drub knows something about this guy. Anyway, I thought the drawings were cool enough that I converted 2 minutes of the video to digital, so I could then do screen captures - sorry it's not great quality, but you get the idea - more pics if you click these -