Thursday, April 04, 2002

Glitter-Disco-Synthesizer Night School
The facts we hate: we'll never meet. Walking down the road, everybody yelling "hurry up hurry up!" But I'm waiting for you, I must go slow.
Hmmm, depending on which X song is actually playing, my favorite seems to change. But it would definately have to be from More Fun In The New World - I had only lived in NYC for a few months when it came out, and I listened to it constantly. I didn't have much money (funny how some things never seem to change) but I amused myself with looking through the stacks of used vinyl at SOUNDS on St Mark's Place. One day I found the 12" promo for TRUE LOVE Pt. #2, which included a "club remix" (funny concept, X having a club mix!). Unfortunately, not having a proper stereo these days, I can't listen to that version, which is fantastic. Would've been great for the mood I was in yesterday - grumpy but willing to get over the grumpiness, and jumping around the apartment in nothing but boxers, cranking the computer's CD player. All these memories from that album came back to me late last night after seeing this post debating the best X song. Seeing X live at The Ritz back in '84, alone, and therefore willing to dance like a madman (I don't think it was called dancing then, you really just got shoved around alot, but with a beat). Lying on the floor in my Brooklyn apartment, no furniture, just a cheapo stereo, cranking the album, each song becoming my favorite while it played, only to be replaced when the next one came on. (One of those albums you sang along with, only you knew like 1/3 of the actual lyrics...). But the song that seemed to really encapsulate the amazing range of emotions that X spoke to has to be I Must Not Think Bad Thoughts - anger, futility, desire, despair; gosh, it cranks me up all over again, nearly 20 years later........