Thursday, April 18, 2002

ok, ok, ok, this new publicity pic is just too spooky - NO, this isn't LIVE JOURNAL, so I'll go away now and play with my elvis collection, but not til you hear the song that used to be my EXIT song at The Bar in the early 80's - see, in my early 20's, I'd hang out there alot, and at some point I decided that no matter what if Elvis's Shipbuilding, played on the jukebox (damn that used to be such a great jukebox!) I would go home before the last few notes played. Silly, yeah, but it is a great exit song...(not that anyone would be watching, but I would then hum the song on the walk home up 2nd Ave.)

with all the will in the world,
diving for dear life,
when we could be diving for pearls