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Tuesday, April 02, 2002
ok. to further embarrass myself, just a few minutes ago I went to the guy's job, just to say hello. No plan, except wanting to see his face in daylight (well, maybe "sober" is more accurate, since he works in a bar). Yup, very attractive man, very very handsome face. I studderred and stammerred for a few minutes, neither offering my number, nor asking for his. Then I said something about going, he asked why, and i stammered out something about cleaning house or some stupid nonsense; and he said "you know where to find me"

ugh. Sometimes I really wish I had balls. my preference, quite honestly, would have been to give him a set of keys, and say "use them whenever, hopefully often" - I'm really not cut out for this "wanna go on a date" thing...........