Thursday, April 04, 2002

Funny, I knew I had some bandwidth left this month, thanks to the generous upgrading DREAMHOST did recently, but I was keeping kinda busy, and I forgot all about it. (My billing month runs from the 8th to the 7th; fascinating, isn't it?) But I got a note from an email pal today, asking about a film called Wanted. Yes, it's hard to come by; yes, it's fantastic, and ooooooooh yeah, I just happen to have a movie trailer! It stars two of my all time favorites - Al Parker and Jack Wrangler (who don't have sex together in this film, but they do in the fantastic 3-D Heavy Equipment, but that's another post...hehe), plus Will Seagers. Another great film from director Steve Scott, it's the gay porn version of The Defiant Ones , with the two prisoners escaping, chained together. Jack Wrangler is the mean warden who forces sex on all the studly inmates. Amazing how much sex Al Parker manages to have while chained to homophobic Seagers; but of course, this is gay porn, and Seagers does become a bit curious, of course, by the end of the film. Just remember, as I had to with the Kansas City Trucking Co trailer, this one will only be up until sometime this weekend, probably shutting it down Staurday when I check stats and have a heart attack.