Thursday, April 11, 2002

The Big One

1988, produced by Scott Masters, directed by Chet Thomas, and of course music by Costello Presley, this one not only has a plot, but also special effects. The basic storyline is that while our hero Brian Adams is doing his nightly newscast, an earthquake hits southern California. Needless to say, despite falling debris, sirens, and stuck elevators, the men in the movie get horny and must have sex. Hairy Kurt Bauer (who you may remember as the model in the "Dress For the Occassion" Safe Sex ad campaign) is passed out under some rubble when he is rescued by Brad Richardson, but, of course, once he's revived, he must have sex. Brian Adams saves a a stage hand who falls, and once caught, they must have sex. And good ol' Sparky O'Toole (not to be confused with that other Sparky); no, this is the Sparky O'Toole who you may remember from such other films as Orgy At The Fun House, Larger Than Life, My Brother, My Lover, Peter Eater , and of course Sparky O'Toole's Excellent Adventure - which he also directed. Well, as you may remember from a week or two ago, I had another porn movie clip, with AL Parker and Jack Wrangler, and since I only got like exactly ONE comment on that, I figured, why show porn clips with actual sex, let's just go for porno clips with quality writing and acting. So, here ya go, Sparky O'Toole and Clark Lindsay stuck in an elevator during The Big One.