Monday, April 22, 2002

Good morning. The pic is old, maybe 2 years ago, I was curious if I could set the timer, run out on the fire escape, and get a decent shot with some snow in the background. (I'm sure those boxer-briefs are long gone, too!) And since it's only snowed all of about 1/4 inch in the past 12 months, I just wanted a little reminder of what the stuff looks like. Actually, now that I think of it, this must've been taken more than 2 years ago, ealry 2000, when I was still working and took a day off, thinking the weather was too beautiful to be cooped up in that hellish place.

Today it's really too early to be up, but the rain woke me. A few more sips of coffee, and I'm crawling back under the covers. I think I have an appointment late this afternoon about helping someone set up an eBay account in order to sell stuff for their non-profit. That would actually be cool - but I think I need to give it some more thought, take some notes before I head over there so that I can give the illusion that I actually know what I am talking about.