Monday, April 01, 2002

I realized earlier today that I hadn't left my apartment in 36 hours! Fortunately, I had some errands that had to be done, so I got some fresh air. Meanwhile, I've been scanning some flyers and video boxes for some more porno auctions. These are from a company called Old Reliable. Old Reliable is/was pretty much a one-man operation (David something) which begun in the late 60's/early 70's. Initially still photography, he branched out into audio, and video tapes (I don't know if he ever did film). What I have are video tapes that I believe are from the mid-80's, as they seem to match up with what I've found in a BIJOU Video Catalogue.

The videos were usually taped in a private Los Angeles home, and include a wide range of men: White/black/latin; skinny/muscled; scruffy/tatooed/cigar-chomping; while some had done str8 or gay porn before the OLD RELIABLE taping, and some have done it since, most were amatuer guys, and the interest in them was becasue many had the "rough trade" look. Most are supposed to be straight, and pose for the cameraman, who encourages as much exhibitionism, including whacking off, of course, as possible. What is unique about these, besides being one of the earliest "Amatuer" style videos, is that the models talk about themselves, sometimes with prodding from the cameraman, and you usually see each model from his initial posing clothed, as he takes off his clothes, etc. The funny thing is, I had heard about them years ago, and the whole str8/rough trade thing didn't appeal to me at all. But watching, it's interesting to see some of these guys actually having fun, and the guy in the picutre, besides his great body, he's quite playful, and "mock poses" in the mirror after he cums, giggles, and has this great "aww shucks" demeanor that is quite attractive (and that cock bouncing around as he laughs ain't too bad, either!)