Thursday, April 25, 2002

I'm very excited about taking the day off and heading uptown tomorrow. There are few places I will gladly go to that require not only leaving the neighborhood, but also taking the subway; but I just love The Bronx Zoo. I haven't been there since a few days before Christmas (I bought tons of fun Xmas presents) and I'm taking a pal and myself on my Family Plus membership (little does he know, he'll have to pretend to be my husband, but I'll wait til we're already on the train to break the news), and I'm pretty sure I still have coupons for Congo Gorilla Forest, as well as our choice of the Children's Zoo (that's where they keep the lemurs), or the Bengali Express (just a ride around the park, but sure beats the Skyfari, I'm afraid of heights). It's raining and rather cold out today, but tomorrow should warm up a bit, and have some sun - which will be fantastic, as the Zoo is perfect in the spring, with all the flora and fauna (like I know which one is plants, and which one is animals) blooming (do animals bloom?) I love walking all the way up to the far NorthWest corner of the park, where few people go, and there's Ostriches and Emus and other assorted relatives, and I think the Pelicans (or some waterfowl with a big beak) return to the North End around this time of year, too. Congo Gorilla Forest is fun, but the enclosed portions can be a bit too noisy, as folks (mostly parents) are saying stupid things loudly at the animals to get them to perform; but I really dig the RainForest - it's enclosed, and a great spot to go in the winter, when few people are up there, and its all warm and humid inside......... ahhhhhhh. I'll be sure to bring plenty of film, but I have like rolls and rolls of giraffe pics, and I'm sure they're tired of smiling for me.