Saturday, April 06, 2002

I dunno why, but at one point this morning, I found myself in a really good mood! Nothing I can pinpoint that triggered this, just doing my usual coffee/auction checking/porno packaging stuff, got out of the shower, dressed, and checked the mirror to make sure no lotion or toothpaste was on my face, and I had one of those moments. "hey handsome, you look pretty good!" ya know? Obviously no different than when I went to bed, and I'm not one to question a good mood when it comes to me, so I headed off on my errands. Bought a knap sack full of porn (this time a handful of magazines, as well --- oooh, Lon Flexxe!!), did some banking, shipped some videos off, and came home to find an invite to a pal's for poker/beer later. Funny, I never have anything to do on a Saturday night, but I actually have to call back and say "I have plans". I got asked by an ex to go to Lincoln Center (I think that's above 14th st...) to see some cool nature short films by Jean Painlevé,accompanied by Yo La Tengo live. How cool is that???? very very cool.