Wednesday, January 08, 2003

If I wasn't constantly thinking about sex, and how to get it, or get more of it, I would:
  • Be writing the rent check, and other bills, and getting my ass (and presumably other body parts) over to the post office to mail them
  • watching some Hand In Hand videos, as I should soon get to meet that "behind-the-scenes" porno guy I mentioned a few weeks back
  • worry about being cut back to 4 days at work, and how will I make up for the loss of (meager) income
  • pull out that box of videos, and the box of mags/books, and post on eBay
  • snap some undies photos while the lighting is good so I can be a whore and sell some stuff on NAUGHTYBIDS soon
  • edit and upload a video clip of myself to Cruisetool

.... see? I cant stop thinking about how to get SEX!