Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Hmmpf. I didn't drink, nor smoke any dope last night, so why am I hungover? I did have rather intense sex at House of Regrets, surprisingly good sex, in fact. The sort of "woah this is too intense don't stop whatever you say sir" kinda sex (probably the aroma of his leather gear is what drew me in......) and funny, I was just instant messaging some guy who's pic was of these HUGE nipples - I mean, like mini penises on his chest, I was fascinated. And then I spent about an hour looking at other nipple-y men at I spent the whole day basically looking for an online hook-up, which is pretty stupid as I rarely meet anyone that way, so by midnight I was about to burst. I got dressed, and hopped on my bike in this 19 degree weather, and paced around House of Regrets for over an hour before the man in leather's grab-grab slap-slap on his crotch was obviously meant to get my attention, and I accepted the invitation to join him in his dank, dark cubible. Ever have someone massage your throat while his too-fat cock is forcing its way down your throat? Quite a sensation. But we didn't get to that part in the first hour, as I probably spent the first 30 minutes making him squirm and wimper alternating my fuzzy face attached to each nipple.

oh yeah, regarding the velcro cockring give-a-way mentioned below. I don't know why i said "explicity telling me WHY".... - you don't have to send me a dirty email - just give me a decent reason to spend the 49 cents in postage. Speaking of, I did mail out my second one to a guy out West, a redhead in fact, so that promises to be interesting.