Saturday, January 11, 2003

(laughing) Squatting over his crotch, he slapped his thick dick against my balls. I'm still rather bewildered that this furry hot man is clearly enjoying being with me, as his talk about my dick is making it rock hard and stand straight out. Now, I may have mentioned this before, but I usually have "performance anxiety" under such circumstances, but this man had me going from the moment I first walked into his apartment, his big smile immediately slobbering over mine. So here I am, squatting, and he's talking filth about my body, and his hands are poking and prodding, and I know I will fall over soon, as my legs are getting weak in this position, so I stand up. Ooops! I am looking directly into the eyes of a stuffed deer head! Oh shit! I start giggling uncontrollably, looking at this dead cute animal hung on his wall over his bed. I'd been in this room for at least 20 minutes already, so realizing that I didn't even notice this thing made me laugh even more. Fortunately, he laughed too, but only for a few moments, then he pulled me back down into the bed.

(crying) He gets back on top of me, stuffing his balls as he did for a good part of the first 15 minutes we climbed into the bed. I think my opening instant message to him on AOL referred to the last line in his profile (HAIRY ITALIAN MUSCLE, TATS, BUZZCUT, HUNG, BIG NUTS...THEY PROBABLY NEED A CLEANING, GET DOWN THERE ), something profound like "sounds good to me" - but obviously it worked, and he's ballstuffing my throat. While he's doing that, he is grabbing my beard, just under my chin, a handful of hair and he is thrashing my head back and forth as I struggle to keep his balls in my mouth and not cry out. Then he grabs the hair on my chest, and tugs away, only stopping to return to my beard, doing this off and on several times. He pulls his balls out, starts slapping his cock on my face and says: "Oh, do you like it when I pull your hair, or does it hurt?" - he's obviously seeing the water slowly leaking out of my eyes, and I mumble hoarsely - "both" His grin, evil and adorable, looks down at me as he gives me his balls back, stuffing them and several fingers into my mouth.

(cumming) He's still on top of me, but playing with my ass and talking about how hairy it is, while he alternates his cock and balls in my mouth. Then he eggs me on - "jerk that fat cock for me, man! Yeah buddy, I love watching you do that." (lots more dirty talk, punctuated with lots of gruff yeah buddy's). Somehow I get my face in his taint, and the man is practically yelping. I reach up and grab at his back, pulling his body into my face, my beard tickling his balls and butthole. He stuffs his dick back in one more time, but can tell I'm about to pop, and demands I get up and shoot on him. I know I've got him going, so I tease him a bit and alternate vigorous whacking with letting go and just letting my cock bounce around in the air, handsfree, while standing over him. As much as I want to keep teasing him like that, I just can't wait, and yank my balls in one direction, and whack my cock in the other. He motions me over, gets me to crouch right over his hairy chest, and his gravelly voice yells out as I shoot on him, then thwacking my dick against his chest with the last few drops.